Landslide (2023) is a new work for Line Upon Line percussion exploring sound-making gestures performed with vegetal and mineral matter on traditional percussion instruments. Engaging with ecofeminist notions of hope, this work poetically explores the...
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Film Performance (2021) is a new opera exploring the intrinsic physicality of musical performance and the ways in which we interacted with cameras over the pandemic. A musical response to the short-film ‘Film’ (a 1965 collaboration...
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I am a classically trained flute and saxophone player performing mostly New music and deep-rooted music from Argentina and Latin America. Étude pour le pied droit by Denise Fournier at MusikFestival Bern 2020. Sequitur I...
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Luciana is a composer, performer, director and researcher. Her compositional work combines vocal and instrumental forces with fixed and live electronics, live video and film. She is a PhD candidate in Composition at the School...
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Artistic statement

My compositional work focuses on multimodal textures and creatively explores technologies, such as live and fixed electronics and video as well as the boundaries between art forms, namely new music theatre, vocal music, contemporary opera, live film and sound installation. I challenge established views of reality and share my critical perspectives by way of creating an artistically appealing environment that audiences are invited to experience in their own way. I engage with embodied musical gestures and revealing listening experiences. I explore ways to foster the performers’ creative input by designing music scores that facilitate embodied, situated, and diverse performances. Theatre is at the core of my creative practice, the starting point of each new work varying from physical actions to social matters. I believe that critically exploring sound through technologies is key to unravelling old meanings and creating new ones within the visual elements and stories that integrate multimedial artforms. I am a classically trained flute and saxophone player. My performance work focuses on New music repertoire by recent and living composers and on deep-rooted music from Argentina and Latin America.