luciana perc


A Performing Monkey Game A work for string trio that sets forth on a musical experience examining Pierre Boulez’s comments on John Cage depicting him as a ‘performing monkey’. It is therefore informed by research undertaken in the 1960s in which gorillas were taught American Sign Language. The gorillas learned to perform the gestures, were able to express their thoughts and feelings through them and, surprisingly, reacted not only to the signs made by their trainers but also to spoken words. This meant that they were not just following a learned cue, but actually understanding the meaning of many elements of language. This score draws upon game theory and visual coding offering the performers a structure to create a random musical form by making choices throughout the game and listening to the choices and sounds played by the other performers, challenging the boundaries between different musical aesthetics as well as between animals, humans and machines.

Metropolis 3.0 An operatic adaptation of Fritz Lang’s classic film Metropolis (1927) with libretto by Jaqueline Goldfinger. This project is being composed within a collaborative creative process and was awarded an Opera Hack Innovation Grant which is supported by Opera America Innovation Grant and hosted by San Diego Opera. The creative team will explore how modern technologies such as motion capture, augmented reality, mapping, motion tracking and real-time sound and video can bring Metropolis to a 21st century audience.

Film Performance is a new opera exploring the intrinsic physicality of musical performance and the ways in which we interacted with cameras over the pandemic. A musical response to the short-film ‘Film’ (a 1965 collaboration between Samuel Beckett and Buster Keaton), microphones and cameras are placed on stage to create sounds and a film projection in real time. Daily objects featured in ‘Film’ are brought to the stage and turned into sound-making devices. A series of solos, each monologue focuses on a specific combination of objects featured in the short-film, from a newspaper and a hat to a fish tank and a bird cage, combining the sounds produced with these objects with vocal, instrumental and electroacoustic sounds. 

Images from live performance at Cockpit theatre (London) as part of Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2022. Ph: Claire Shovelton.

Performance at Tête-à-Tête: The Opera Festival performance 2022.
Home recording of the solo number Fish Tank and Cage filmed during lockdown 2021.

Dessus-dessous A solo piece for prepared violin and video addressing the violin as an inhabitable architectural and acoustic space. The exploration of experimental modes of playing including preparing the violin by placing bow hairs around the strings and playing with the violin on a table top asks the performer for a rather physical engagement. The video projected in sync with the music suggests links between the geometric lines in the violin structure and spaces such as railways. The premiere took place in New York City and was performed by Apolline Kirklar during Ensemble 2e2m’s concert at Music of the Americas.

Ensemble 2e2m at Music of the Americas NY 2022 – Performance by Apolline Kirklar, among other works.

CAT, A Schrödinger’s musical unstory Music theatre piece for five voices, flutes, accordeon, double bass and electronics based on Schrödinger’s cat paradox. A virtual immersion into quantum duality. An investigation into the limits of theatre and narrativity. A reflection on the perception of being and the loss of identity. Digital version recorded during Spring 2020 lockdown. Performers: Moritz Achermann, Aleksandra Stankovic, Luigi Chiaramonte, Leo Bachmann, Johannes Werner. Text, Composition, Staging: Luciana Perc. Feel free to contact me for the complete video of the online performance.

Trailer of Zoom-filmed version Spring 2020.
Live performance HKB Bern 2020

Petra-Icor for solo flute and live electronics. The Greek words Petra and Icor compose the Spanish word petricor, which refers to the smell of rain falling on dry soil.

Home recording of alto flute version.

TRADE Music Theatre piece based on the former trading pits of the Chicago Stock Exchange. Text and video quotes from: Heiner Müller’s Traktor, Trading pits’ Tutorials, the Bible and Björk’s video about her tv. Performes: Ursina Makiol, Stanislas Pili, Laura Pezzoli, Wataru Mukai, Mara Probst. Scenario, Composition, Staging: Luciana Perc.

Trailer of the performance at Playtime festival Bern 2019.

The heroine’s cycle: Spiral – Goddess – Cycle Choreography: Viviane Wepfer Music: Luciana Perc Performers: Kim Bigler, Merle Sutter, Anna Roth, Michelle Reber , Viola Schmid, Sofia Ardiles Concept based on the book The Heroine’s Journey by Maureen Murdock.

Trailer of Performance at Bewegung Festival Bienne 2019.

Voices Concert-Installation for flute and Chinese ink paintings based on Voice by Toru Takemitsu. The audience is invited to paint with wine on top of Chinese ink paintings triggering fragments of the music in an aleatory way.

Documentation of performance at Playtime festival Bern 2019.

Parlez ma langue Music theatre piece for flute, violoncello, accordion, operable lights and objects. It explores the association between word-movements from French sign language and movements of instrumental playing. Fragments from tango songs are played alternately. The performers also trigger operable lights on stage with a rhythmical timing and use objects related to the words performed with signs.

Performance at Playtime Festival Bern 2018.

6 Introductory Studies to Extended techniques for Wind instruments Solo studies, duos and trios for Flutes and Saxophones. Ideally for intermediate students wanting to learn extended techniques to play contemporary music. Available in English, Spanish and French.